The Vivid Agency offers our agency clients four different engagement models to fit their current needs and business objectives.  Select the model that compliments your capabilities and existing staff.

Projects Engagement Model

In the project engagement model The Vivid Agency performs work for our agency clients as fixed projects.  All project work is estimated and flat fee.  The Vivid Agency extends special rates to our agency clients for all project work.  The primary benefit of this model for an agency is that you only use what you need, when you need it.  Most initial pilot projects will fall into this model.

Retainer Engagement Model

In the retainer model The Vivid Agency reserves a fixed number of minimum hours monthly for our agency client, that are used on demand. This is extremely beneficial for the agency that has a consistent work load throughout the month.  Agencies using the retainer model receive even greater rate discounted rate structure providing greater savings and increased margins.

Virtual Team Model

In the virtual team model The Vivid Agency builds a production team that is dedicated to the agency with dedicated resources tailored to the agency needs. The Vivid Agency hires and manages the team and the work production.  Our virtual teams can save agencies 30% to 40% or more compared to building the team in-house.

Staff Augmentation

The Vivid Agency understands that agencies may need specialized resources for a period of time but want to manage the resources themselves.  The Vivid Agency can provide creative and production resources to meet your organization needs either on-site or remotely.  Our remote resources can provide significant savings over on-site resources.